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April 14, 2012


Travis Koch

Thank you for the link on the 2011's fraud! By this we can learn from last year and eventually prevent this from reoccuring agarin!

Eric Klein

Thanks for the cross link, 2011 was a busy year to write about and 2012 is starting off just as bad.

Please everyone protect yourselves, keep the basics of:
- Change from default passwords
- Remove excess or unneeded voice mailboxes
- Only give dial-out abilities to those who really need it (a phone card is a better option)
- Monitor your phone bills for unusual activity
- Read Mark's and other blogs to keep up to date



They have a nice Cisco CUCM deployment (CUCMCUBEITSP), SIP all the way from CUCM to ITSP, they could not understand how they fell victim of a hacker burning traffic at their expense.

alarm systems Bristol

It's amazing what a lot of people will do just to earn a quick buck. They sometimes don't care who they inconvenience. That's why it's best to be extra vigilant against scammers.

Mark Collier

The Cisco equipment is certainly very secure, but some customers deploy it in its default configuration, which can be non-secure.

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