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November 08, 2011


Eric Klein

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing this clip. Nir and I were quite surprised when it was posted as we had been told that the session was not being recorded. Turns out Tom had an iPhone and well you can see the results.

This video was from Part 1 of the Astricon Security Roundtable. Part 2 was fully recorded and should be posted on the conference archive soon.

In that session, among other examples, we had someone give an example of an end-user that rest the PBX password to the default setting and plugged into the public internet.

It took under 11 min. for his PBX to be found and hacked.

VOIP Montreal

Hi MArk,

Thanks for sharing, we didn't get screwed and we are on VOIP for a year now http://www.jowatel.com/ !

Mark Collier

Thanks for the comment Eric. Do you know if the videos have been posted yet? I will take a look. As implied, we are seeing a big increase in enterprise toll fraud, as well as different types of inbound attacks. We should compare notes some time.

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