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March 07, 2011



Hi Mark,
Im a frequent reader of your blog. This days I've thinking about the differences betwen VoIP and SIP telephony from the theoretical point of view, even from the acedemical point of view.
My position is that VoIP is different to SIP system, talking about only in the telephony (and/or voice) level. I mean, my position is that I dont catalog like a VoIP system, a telephony solution that is based SIP protocol because a VoIP system take advantage of the IP network and thats it; and SIP goes beyond, considering both systems use the same IP network, use different entities (logical and physical) then, different configuration. I think, the meaning or description of this two kind of solutions are very different.

What do you think? what is your opinion about it?
Exist differences between VoIP and SIP solutions? do you think you can catalog a SIP solution like a VoIP system?
The telephony SIP solution enters on telephony VoIP solution?

great blog !! see ya


...Me again Mark.
Other thing, both solutions (VoIP solution and SIP solution) they spin around two different protocol schem: IP and SIP. Yeah right, SIP on layer 7 and SIP always in layer 3, no comparable, then, both different.

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