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September 26, 2010



I think that this should be a warning for any potential hackers as to the consequences.

VOIP Business phone systems

Hiding your ip address doesn't keep you safe from "hackers". If you leave your windows open at night you might still get burgled even if you didn't tell anyone where you live.

VPNs are an easy convenient way of doing it but they cost money. This method is useless if you are planning something illegal btw since most VPN providers will happily hand over logs to law enforcement on request,

There are free proxy servers that you can use to stay somewhat anonymous. If you want true anonymity i.e. you don't want ISP, target servers, no one to know who you are there are anonymity networks like I2P, freenet, Tor but they all have weaknesses, you have to know how to use them properly not just install and go.

Mark Collier

Thanks for the post. I agree

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