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July 21, 2009


Muneeerah Crawford

Security is very important to our customers. We are Avaya Business Partners and we are very serious about passwords and password protection on systems we install.
We also educate our customers about security. We would love to post this piece on our website.


You have explained the process of installing a VoIP phone system nicely.


Yes that's true. I agree with you, but it is also necessary the system that you are using should provide maximum security even if you are serious about passwords. I know a system can be freaked, you always have to be ready with options like i do. I am using AT&T, alongside i also believe on spiderstar.com. This was suggested in a forum. Its working well.


I Agree with Muneerah. Telecom vendors should be responsible for system passwords and hacking proof their systems as part of installations.

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