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February 18, 2009


Nagarjun Reddipalle

The download link which you have provided to download Call Monitor tool does not contain any executable to download.

It would be great if you provide the updated download link.


I am working on using Call Monitor tool. I successfully installed it but facing a problem while running it. I connected to two computers using a hub and make a test call using those two computers which has LinPhone (SIP based) and I successfully able to teardown calls but facing problem during audio tapping.
Nothing is happening during audiotapping. The callmonitor terminal shows a message "Unable to Create .rtp file" but the SIP Sniffer terminal window shows some msgs showing that audio successfully spawned. But as i found in the documentation neither the similey did not turn from yellow to green nor the xmms player launched by itself.

What is the mistake which I did? Please let me know about it

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