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May 12, 2010



New Telephony Denial-of-Service attack that s becoming more widespread. In this attack scenario, hundreds or thousands of PSTN calls are launched to the victim s phone in order to prevent financial institution notifications from arriving while the attacker drains accounts. It s less clear that attackers can do anything about email or SMS alerts, but based on sheer volumes alone one has to assume the attackers are using VoIP technology to originate the calls. Certainly there are many implications to consider, particularly if TDoS attacks become more common within the PSTN going forward.

By the way for more information on security courses check this link:http://www.eccouncil.org/certification.aspx

Mark Collier

I do know that similar attacks were indeed generated with VoIP (SIP).


Well this is really happening.Possible.

Mark Collier

See my most recent posts on more serious permutations of this attack.

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Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS)